AiP High School Summer League

Compete and play against the best high school talent in the DMV in the AiP (Anything Is Possible) High School League.  Display your skills each week in 5 on 5 game play on a NBA regulation court. Games will be recorded and put into highlight reels for players to get recruited for college and high school coaches.
-5 week season
-player highlights
-elite competition

Roster selection will take place Tuesday July 19, 2022, 7pm-8pm.

Week 1 (Roster Selection) Tuesday July 19, 2022
Week 2 Tuesday July 26, 2022
Week 3  Tuesday August 2, 2022
Week 4 Tuesday August 9, 2022
Week 5

Tuesday August 16, 2022 

Week 6 Tuesday August 23, 2022