Trainer Certification

      Do you want to become a better basketball trainer?  Is your coaching staff in need of some skill development training? Are you looking to learn the tactics that can help you gain more clients and produce results in your players?

      Over the last decade, the Pat The Roc Academy has worked with, hired, and trained some of the most influential trainers in the industry.

      Now you can learn from one of the most successful pioneers of basketball player development, training guru, Patrick "Pat The Roc" Robinson.  Coach Pat has trained globally in over 30 countries, and has had over 25,000 athletes come through his basketball academy. He has successfully ran and operated 5 basketball facilities, hosted over 300 camps, with more than 20 years of experience!

      So whether you are looking to open your own gym or wanting to become one of the lead trainers in a growing industry of basketball training, our certification can assist you in maximizing your development.