Our private training gives players a chance to receive the one on one attention needed to maximize their workout time.  Our staff is able to develop a plan to help players turn their weakness to strength.  In our private workouts players will gain knowledge in all of the key fundamentals including ball-handling, shooting, footwork, defense, and conditioning.  Private sessions can be scheduled any day of the week with Coach Pat or any one of our certified staff trainers upon availability.
      Our Weekday Group Workouts year round at the academy.  Every Monday-Friday, 5pm-6pm, you can stop in and join our 1 hour training session.  Our Group workouts consist of all the major fundamentals needed to become a great player. Ball-handling, shooting, footwork, defense, and conditioning will be a few of the skills covered in each class.  Our Group Workout curriculum is ideal for all ages and skill levels.  Each player will be challenged to achieve their maximum potential on the court. 
      Our weekend clinics are great for any player looking to fine tune and develop their skills. Learn the fundamentals of the game needed to be the best player you can be.  Each clinic focuses on every aspect of the game while pinpointing a particular skill each week. Ball-handling, shooting, scoring moves, footwork, conditioning, and defense are just a few of the skills that are covered in our weekend clinics. Players will be broken down into small personalized groups to receive detailed information from our coaching staff. This allows players to get more attention and have the opportunity to ask questions. 
      This class will provide players with detailed instruction, demonstration, and the proper mechanics to make them a lights out shooter. Our staff has countless hours of experience in correcting simple errors in a player's shot. Now you can have an inside look at some of the shooting drills we use with our collegiate and NBA/WNBA athletes! Sign up now and build up your shot today!  We also are offering private individual shooting instruction as well.
      Our shooting machine workouts help players to develop confidence in shooting the basketball. Each shooting session allows players the opportunity to get up a maximum amount of shots in little time. Dr. Dish is the official shooting machine of the Pat The Roc Skills Academy.  Now you can use the same equipment the NBA and College teams use to develop their jump shot.  Adding a shooting session to the end of a one-on-one or group workout is a great way to close your session. Shooting sessions are available 7 days a week upon request. 

      Increase your speed, vertical, and overall athleticism with our Vertimax workouts.  The Vertimax is one of the #1 jump training aids in the industry.  Now you can train like a pro, and learn some of the same exercises all of the top collegiate and professional athletes use to increase their speed and quickness.  Each session is 30 minutes long. Each workout is $30, we also offer a package of 5 for $120, or 10 for $225.  

      Baby Ballers is a parent participation family-friendly basketball program designed for toddlers ages 1 - 3 years old. This class introduces children to beginner basketball fundamentals such as dribbling, passing and shooting. We focus on confidence building, skill development, participation, teamwork, hand/eye coordination and most importantly FUN!  Our Baby Ballers class is the perfect way for children to burn energy while promoting a healthy physically active lifestyle. We use a variety of fun games to develop balance, movement, and basketball skills as well as listening to instructions. All activities include appropriate movement options for children and parents. Our class is 45 minutes of structured lessons, 10 minutes is designated for parent/child free play bonding time, and the last 5 minutes coaches will read the children a book for story time! Get your child a head start and sign up today!

      Need to improve your speed and quickness? Want to jump higher and increase your vertical? Need to improve your footwork? We now offer Footwork and Agility "Speed Class" twice a week at the academy, every Wednesday at 6pm and every Sunday at 1pm. The foundation of every great player starts with their base, which is their feet. It is key to train your feet with specific movements which will increase your coordination, balance, and stability on the playing field. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Stephen Curry, and Tim Duncan, all rely on their footwork to make them the great players that they are. This class will give you that same edge so that you will have an advantage over every opponent that steps in front of you.

      Girl’s basketball is one of the most competitive sports today. Playing college basketball is a realistic goal for many, but what does it take to get there? We, at Pat The Roc Basketball Skills Academy provide female players who aspire to play at the next level the tools they need to succeed. We are dedicated to providing girls of all ages the opportunity to learn, excel and perfect their game of basketball. We also focus on improving player’s skills while emphasizing ball handling, offense, defense, shooting and game fundamentals. After joining the Girls Roc class players will definitely Roc the basketball court!
      Looking for a place to help you gain the advantage over your opponents!  Let us train your team!  Our certified trainers can help enhance your basketball team with an intense player development workout.  Whether aau, travel team, or rec league squad, we can put your team through our signature drills and stations consisting of ball-handling, shooting mechanics, defensive strategies, and all the core fundamentals.  Our systemized practice workouts are the perfect addition to your program.  We offer drop in practices or you can pick a day and come in weekly!  

      Are you ready to have a non stop 90 minute basketball birthday jam? Our basketball festivities create a memory that will last forever! From the court to the party room, we plan a fun atmosphere for the young party goers! Let our experienced birthday party planners and activity staff help you create a once in a lifetime experience for your child! Throw the most legendary birthday party your guests have ever been to! Enjoy our full size basketball court while participating in competitions, skill challenges, relay races, basketball drills, a full court scrimmage game or any other fun activity that you can think of!

      Do you need a highlight film to send out to coaches or scouts?  Want to create an ultimate compilation of your workouts and drills?  Schedule a highlight reel workout session today which we will professionally film and edit.  We can help you create a video that embodies your skill set and ability on the basketball court.  We will post your highlight film on our platform which is viewed by hundreds of coaches and scouts looking for players.  You will also receive a link to share your highlight video!