o First game possession decided by a coin toss
o Games will start on time, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to tipoff
o 30 minute running clock
o Halftime at the 15 minute mark
o 2 minute halftime
o Players must clear the ball behind 3-point line area for offensive change of possession
o All baskets are worth 1 point
o Referees make the final decision on all calls
o Disputing with the referees will not be tolerated
o If a team has more than 3 players on the roster substitutions will occur every 5 minutes
o No arguing with teammates allowed
o Air balls and steals must be cleared behind 3-point area
o All players will receive equal playing time
o With 2 minutes left in the game substitutions can be made on a dead ball o Jump balls go to the possession arrow
o Change of possession after each score, no make it, take it
o No holding the ball, referees will enforce- If holding the ball too long, referees will do a 10 second countdown
o Shooting fouls result in 1 free throw
o Tie games result in 2 minute overtime
o After first overtime, game decided by free-throw shootout
o Players must play man to man, no double team, referees will enforce
o At the end of each game players must line up to shake hands
o No “trash-talkwill be tolerated. Foul language is not allowed
o No booing or insulting any players, cheering is encouraged
o Spectators must remain off the floor
o No shooting around on other baskets while games are in play
o Players must have on their uniform to play in games
o Our staff will oversee games and evaluate player performances