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      Do you want to know the secret to improve your dribbling?  This download is packed with over 75 new and exclusive dribbling drills that will help you better your handles instantly!   Now you can practice one on one with Pat The Roc as he walks you through his signature ball-handling drills that he teaches his college, NBA, and WNBA clients at the Pat The Roc Basketball Skills Academy.  You don't need a ton of equipment to improve your dribbling.  You can do this workout at your gym, at the park, in the driveway, garage or basement!  All you need is a ball and a little bit of work ethic!
      National Champion Quinn Cook is known as one of the greatest point guards to ever play in the college game. He led his Duke Blue Devils team to the title game under legendary Coach K. Quinn's success didn't happen in the sold out arenas, but rather the empty gyms. He credits his countless hours in the gym when nobody was watching, where he would practice signature ball-handling drills, moves, and finishes with trainer Pat The Roc. Now you too can reach that level of success and learn the same drills and techniques Quinn practiced to help him perfect his game. Quinn will give you the recipe to his "Cook Book!"

      "Good players workout. Great players outwork!" In this ball-handling tutorial, dribble expert Pat The Roc shows some of his signature drills that helped earn him the title, one of the world's greatest ball-handlers.  He demonstrates a variety of stationary dribbling drills that can be done right in the comfort of your home!  Press play and get ready to outwork the competition!


      Do you want to improve your ability to get past the defense?  Now you can learn over 50 exclusive moves and drills to help you improve your crossover dribble!  This series will teach you how to create the ultimate space with your handles which will allow you to be more effective on the basketball court!  Coach Pat The Roc describes each move so you too can have a CREATIVE CROSSOVER! 

      Do you want to learn how to become a "Wizard" with the basketball?  This instructional series will give you the details, drills, and unlimited instruction on what it takes to master handling the ball.  Learn from one of the greatest point guards in the 90's era Greg "Killer" Crossover Jones, former Division 1 point guard at West Virginia University who once led the nation in scoring with 31 points a game.  Greg Jones is a long time mentor to Pat The Roc and is responsible for teaching him the crossover.  This series is mandatory for anyone who wants to learn to handle the basketball at a professional level! Tune in now so you too can handle like a WIZARD!


      Do you want to jump higher?  Do you want to go from touching the net to grabbing the rim?  Do you want to turn your layups into dunks?  Now you can learn “THE SECRET TO JUMPING!” Our Vertical Jump System will elevate your performance on the court and allow you to add significant inches to your vertical jump.  This 8 week program is guaranteed to give you the boost needed to maximize your jumping potential. 
      This system was developed by one of the top trainers in the industry, Pat The Roc, and his teammate Guy Dupuy aka “The Frequent Flyer” who is known as the world’s greatest dunker.  Now you can learn the secrets that will allow you to instantly jump out of the gym.  You will have 3 workouts each week, and 4 days to rest.  Each workout you will do go through our Pre-Stretch/Warm-up phase, and after completion of the workout, you will complete our Post-Stretch/Cool-down phase.  In just 8 weeks, we will provide you with “THE SECRET TO JUMPING!”

      Do you need to improve your handles?  If so, this is the PERFECT training video for you!  "The Perfect Handles" program consists of over 50 ball-handling drills, game moves, and counters to take your handles to the next level!  You don't need any equipment, just a basketball and a surface to dribble on.  Don't miss your chance to discover what it takes to develop the PERFECT HANDLES! 

      Do you want to shoot the basketball better?  Now you can learn the SECRET to becoming a great shooter!  This series is packed with the 15 principles that will take you from being an average shooter to an elite shooter!  Learn from one of the greatest shooters in the world, Randy Gill aka White Chocolate as he shows you some of the signature drills that allowed him to score 100+ points (in one game) on 5 different occasions.  (Over 30 three pointers in one game.)  Don't miss your chance to improve and learn the SECRET to shooting!

      Do you want to be a COMPLETE PLAYER? Now you can learn up close and personal from NBA veteran Dermarr Johnson and Pat The Roc. Through a series of drills showcasing scoring moves, catch and shoot, shooting off the dribble, and creating space, you will master the fundamentals needed to complete your game! At 6 feet 9 inches, Dermarr Johnson spent 8 years in the NBA showcasing his versatility, playing 3 positions on the court with the Denver Nuggets, alongside NBA All-stars Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony. In 1999, he was ranked the #1 high school basketball player in the nation and would go on to be a Mcdonald's All-American. Now he's giving you the blueprint, over 50 exclusive drills to complete your game!

      Do you want to learn what it takes to be the Perfect Point Guard?  This series is packed with a variety of drills, techniques, and language that you must master to become a perfectionist at the point guard position.  Learn step by step from Coach Pat The Roc and former ACC point guard Seth Allen all the fundamentals you need to work on to run the point.  You will be taught how to protect the ball, make moves with a purpose, run the team, distribute the ball and more.  Don't miss your chance to become the Perfect Point Guard!