Youth Basketball Summer League

This is the first league that allows youth players to feel like pros. Our games will take place at the world famous Pat The Roc Basketball Skills Academy, the same court that some of the top NBA and WNBA players train on. Our championship environment inspires the youth to bring their "A" game when they step on the floor. Each player will develop the ultimate confidence as they learn to go head to head with their opponents in an intense matchup. 

Each week players will suit up in their A.i.P. uniforms and compete against a new team in hopes to push their team to the top of the standings. Our 5 week season creates a competitive edge that forces each team to bring their best every week. 

Games will start on time. The scoreboard and game clock will be visible so there is no confusion of the score or time. No player or spectator must interfere with the score keeper. Players must stop play upon hearing a whistle. All shooting fouls will result in one free throw. 

Our league is built on integrity and respect which is what our referees will emphasize. 

Roster Selection (Kindergarten - 5th Grade) Saturday July 3, 2021 12pm-1pm
Roster Selection (6th Grade - 8th Grade) Saturday July 3, 2021 1pm-2pm
Week 1 Saturday July 10, 2021
Week 2 Saturday July  17, 2021
Week 3  Saturday July 24, 2021
Week 4 Saturday July 31, 2021
Week 5 Saturday August 7, 2021