The A.i.P. (Anything Is Possible) Youth Basketball League is the first competitive 3 on 3 basketball league developed to give players a chance to learn the game and showcase their skills against other top talent.  Our youth league attracts players from all over the country.  This league was specifically designed to give players a chance to get more repetition offensively and defensively.  Our 3 on 3 format will help players increase their bball iQ, as they have to react to game situations much faster than in a 5 on 5 game.   




3 letters, 3 players, A.i.P.!  In every game played, each athlete has gained something valuable.  They have gained a better understanding of the game and the formula of working as a team to achieve a common goal.  There is a message in winning and losing.  We believe the message will take you further than the moves!  Our league is built on the 3 simple letters, A.i.P., in efforts to help players realize Anything Is Possible when trying to achieve your goals on and off the basketball court.  Our goal is to promote exciting game play while helping athletes display a positive attitude through good sportsmanship.  Our 3 on 3 concept is personable and makes every player feel a part of the team.  

This is the first league that allows youth players to feel like pros.  Our games will take place at the world famous Pat The Roc Basketball Skills Academy, the same court that some of the top NBA and WNBA players train on.  Our championship environment inspires the youth to bring their "A" game when they step on the floor.  Each player will develop the ultimate confidence as they learn to go head to head with their opponents in an intense matchup.  With 3 players on the floor there will be more room for players to develop offensively.  On the defensive side, players will learn to play man to man defense with less help.        

Each week players will suit up in their A.i.P. uniforms and compete against a new team in hopes to push their team to the top of the standings.  Our 6 week season creates a competitive edge that forces each team to bring their best every week.  Each game teammates will develop a chemistry and comradery, in order to become one cohesive unit.  With only 3 players on the floor, this gives more responsibility to each teammate, teaching the importance of communication.  Players will battle it out against new competition and encourage their teammates to reach victory.  At the conclusion of each season there will be a championship team crowned!  For individual accolades, there will be other recognition including the infamous MVP trophy.  

Players must gather with their team for a 3 minute pre game warm up.  Games will start on time.  Players must select a captain for the coin toss.  Games will be tracked by a scoreboard and will have one referee to officiate play.  The scoreboard and game clock will be visible so there is no confusion of the score or time.  No player or spectator must interfere with the score keeper.  Players must stop play upon hearing a whistle.  All shooting fouls will result in one free throw.  Technical fouls will result in one free throw.       

We developed a 3 on 3 concept to allow players the proper way to learn the game.  In a 3 on 3 setting, every player on the floor is forced to be a factor in play.   Each player will get more touches, learn how to move the ball, get open, set screens, and develop a feel for the game that will translate into effective 5 on 5 season play.  3 on 3 teaches the core fundamentals and will help athletes develop better habits on the floor.  Sometimes in 5 on 5 full court settings, players get left behind, hindering them from ever learning to play the game the right way.      

Players will be brought in for a 1 hour training camp combine for our selection draft.  Players are expected to play their hardest and showcase to our staff their ability.  From there our staff will assess each player through a series of drills and play to separate players into equally divided teams.  Rosters will stay the same for each 6 week season.  Each team will consist of 4-6 players.  

Each player will get equal playing time in our league.  This component forces each player to play their hardest while in the game.  We teach the importance of each athlete playing a role on the team.  Substitutions will occur every 5 minutes.  Our staff will assist with starting lineups.  At the 2 minute mark of each game, players can sub as they please on a dead ball, upon agreement.      

Our in game energy is unmatched due to the championship atmosphere we create, with a live DJ playing music during games and pre game introductions.  Each game is 30 minutes long, with a 2 minute half time at the 15 minute mark.  There is a continuous running clock.  The clock only stops at the 1 minute mark.  Each team gets 1 30 second timeout per game, and an additional if there is overtime.  If there is a tie game, a 2 minute overtime will decide the winner.  In game jump balls will be decided by a two man jump ball.    

This is not just a league, it's a show.  So players, make sure you show up ready to show out!  Our league games will be covered by many media outlets, the local newspaper and our social media reach of over 4 million active basketball followers.  Each week we will recognize the player of the week, track stats, game highlights, and post on our league site.  Our actual game audience consists of some of the top high school and college coaches looking to recruit their next young basketball star.  So our league is not just a fun place to play a game, but also look at it as an opportunity to gain exposure and recognition that you can't get anywhere else!

Each player will receive a copy of the league rules.  Please read them thoroughly and grasp a good understanding of the way our games are played.  All players must wear their official A.i.P. basketball uniforms in order to play in the game.  Players are required to arrive to games 10 minutes prior to tipoff to check in and prepare for their pre game warm ups with their teammates.  All in game calls will be made and determined by our certified referees.  The winner will be determined by the team with the highest score after the 30 minute game or overtime.  Since this is half court play, players must clear the ball behind the 3 point arch for each change of possession.  Teams may not hold the ball to run the clock.  If an official sees a team holding the ball they will issue a 10 second countdown to force game play.  It is mandatory that players line up after each game and shake hands in good sportsmanship.  

All calls made by the referees are final.  We ask the players, parents, and spectators to always respect the decision of the referee.  We believe in calling a fair game, and the referees expect the players to conduct themselves in a orderly manner.  Referees will not tolerate any negative feedback from players, as it could result in a technical foul.  Players are expected to approach the referees in a professional fashion if they need assistance or have a question about an in game dispute.  Referees will issue all pre game coin tosses and call all fouls according to what they see.  Our league is built on integrity and respect which is what our referees will emphasize.