Academy On WUSA9 News!

The Pat The Roc Academy teamed up with the Fit Fathers Inc. to help promote the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  The interview featured two of the best young dribblers in the academy!

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NBA Champion At Academy!

NBA champion Quinn Cook of the Golden State Warriors tells the story of his off-season workouts at the Pat The Roc Academy.  Despite his busy schedule Quinn always made time to stop by the academy.

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Reniyah Jones OUTWORK Session!

Reniya Jones Outwork Session w/ NBA trainer Pat The Roc! Reniya is a 5'8 point guard who attends Bullis School and plays AAU with Team Takeover.  Reniya has been training with the Pat The Roc Academy for 2 years!

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The Pat The Roc Basketball Skills Academy is a basketball training facility that teaches players the proper fundamentals and skills needed to take their game to the next level. Our system is considered to be one of the most creative and effective training methods in the world. Our ability to inspire not only through in person sessions, but also online courses, gives each one of our clients the chance to reach their maximum potential.


Our academy creates a unique environment for players to learn the game of basketball. We take pride in the development of each of our athletes, giving them the tools they need to succeed on the basketball court. Our goal is to install our players with the proper discipline and work ethic needed to overcome the challenges they will encounter on their basketball journey.

Team work makes the dream work! Our academy creates a bond between athletes that goes beyond the basketball court. Building lasting relationships between a variety of fellow campers that travel from all over the globe to learn the game of basketball in a unique environment. Players will understand the importance of sportsmanship and character.  

We take pride in guiding each athlete towards their peak potential. We turn beginners into pros. Our detailed curriculum produces improvement in each players' skill development. Our approach is to make athletes experts in their field. With our workouts athletes will learn to persevere and accomplish the task at hand.    

Diversity and inclusion are the foundation of our culture and reflect our values. We assure your time at our academy will be a memorable experience. The diversity of athletes, trainers, and staff makes our institution one of the top facilities in the world, to learn and grow. We have over 15 years of experience teaching and developing kids into successful student athletes.  

We teach our players not to settle for good, but rather aim for greatness, giving them the ultimate shot for success. We help players grasp the concept that greatness isn't based on talent, size, or skill, but rather the mentality to outwork the competition. We help our athletes develop a hunger and a passion to become better students of the game.

Players have the opportunity to gain up close and personal advice from coach "Pat The Roc" and his highly qualified staff of elite basketball trainers. Through countless hours of practice and repetition, players will be able to develop "Great" habits on the court. Ball-handling, shooting, defense, conditioning, and a winning mentality are a few key points players will develop each training session.   

We motivate our athletes to give their maximum effort each and every time they step on the court. We reinforce the importance of hard work and dedication. It is our duty to help each player achieve their basketball goals. Through hours of practice, sweat and repetition, our athletes will have a chance to receive the results they are looking for. We provide positive energy rather than negative feedback, to help each player stay on course.  

Each player will have the opportunity to build confidence as they compete and play in a variety of drills. Our structured environment will provide a blueprint for each athlete to transform practice play to in game success. Our academy provides a platform for players to interact with new competition each week

We base our skill set around the basic fundamentals of the game. We believe that is the firm foundation to building a top notch basketball player. We simplify the game by showing our players 3-4 basic moves. We also help our players understand there are a million different ways to use those 3-4 basic moves. This encourages the athletes to use their creativity and craftiness on the court.  

Our programs are ideal for all ages. Age groups range from 2 years old, to high school, to college, and professional athletes. Our academy creates a fun atmosphere to grow and learn the game of basketball from some of the best teachers in the world. The Pat The Roc Basketball Skills Academy is truly changing lives one bounce at a time.

We help our players see the unlimited possibility in their future. It is the duty of our staff to bring out the most in each kid, turning their weakness to strength. We instruct each participant on the best way to reach their hoop dreams. Our academy gives hope and inspires players to believe and accomplish their goals.

Our academy has a family atmosphere. We make sure no player is left behind. We pay close attention to detail, and it is our job to correct mistakes and teach these players the proper techniques of the game. Our staff mentorship breeds a generation of hoopers that will grow to be highly intelligent players. Our players develop the same b-ball IQ of today's NBA stars.                           

Our workouts are centered around a large amount of repetitions. We believe our players must practice each move over and over before trying it in the game. We encourage our athletes to take what is learned at the academy and translate it into homework. We remind each player that failing is a part of the process. It takes hours of mistakes to perfect each skill.

Each workout we present our athletes with a new challenge on the court. We believe if they learn to overcome these obstacles in practice, game situations will become easy. These challenges not only prepare our students for the game of basketball, but also the game of life. We install a "Never Give Up" mentality in each player.  

It is our duty as staff to provide each player with information to enhance their basketball IQ. Our coaches specialize in bringing out the most in each athlete. By sharing our past experiences and knowledge of the game, our players are well equipped for any challenges they may face in their basketball career.

Our environment at the academy gives players the spark they need to push through adversity on the court. Players encourage each other to go hard in every workout. This atmosphere catapults our athletes to achieve greatness.  

We bring in some of the top Collegiate, NBA, and WNBA athletes to mentor our youth at the academy. This bridges the gap between dreams and reality. Seeing these stars in person gives our players the ultimate vision of where they want to be. Our players can ask questions and gain priceless advice that can point them in the right direction.  

We believe in productive practice play. We create challenges in our workouts that will make in game situations easy to handle. Through a series of partner and individual drills, our players develop a never quit mentality. Gaining this type of advantage allows our athletes to outsmart their opponent every time.  

Every time a player steps in the academy, it is our duty to install the confidence for him/her to show and prove on the basketball court. Our program emphasizes the importance of recognizing that being great in basketball is not a destination, but rather a journey. We are honored that our players trust us with the process of making them the players that they are meant to be.  

Winning is not who scores the most point. Winning is gaining new knowledge from your game experiences, and using them to propel you to your ultimate goal. We prepare our kids for battle by teaching them the importance of developing great practice habits, which translate into quality game play.

The atmosphere at our academy helps propel our athletes in the right direction. Our drills are centered around game like situations, sets, and plays that players will see at the college and pro level. This gives our players the ultimate advantage.

Our motto at the academy is, based on three simple words. Anything Is Possible.  We believe that the message will take you further than the moves. Meaning this simple motto is what we want our players to take away from each workout. We simply want to encourage our athletes to never give up on their hoop dreams!

Our academy is equipped with all of the latest training aids and tools to help you take your game to the next level. The facility features 6 baskets and 2 full courts. We remind our players that great players are made in empty gyms, not sold out arenas.  This means when they step in our gym, it is a requirement that they give maximum effort, if they want maximum results.  

Our academy is a place players look forward to attending. We are home to some of the top basketball players in the world. Players feel a since of pride and honor when they walk through our facility doors, knowing they will leave out better than they came in. We are the mecca of basketball training, providing a constant boost to our athletes.


Our Mission: Changing lives one bounce at a time

Our Motto: Anything is Possible

Our Values: Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence