Frequently Asked Questions 

      1. What time can I come to the gym? 

      The gym is open Monday-Friday from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Saturdays from 8 AM – 12PM, Sundays from 11:00AM – 3:00PM, we have classes every hour. Each class covers a special curriculum. Our class is located on our app. Our class schedule is also on our website, once you click register and Group Classes, then scroll down.

      1. My child is just a beginner, can they still train here? 

      We welcome all ages and skill levels. We have multiple coaches and we break the players down into small groups according to age and skill level. Typically there are 4-6 kids per coach.

      1. How long do the sessions last? 

      Each group class session is one hour long, both private and group sessionsWe also offer 30-minute private sessions for those with a busy schedule. . Our specialty training, which is the vertimax, dribble lazer machine, and shooting machine are 30 minutes long.

      1. Will my child get to work with a coach? 

      Those that train here will always work with a coach. If you’re doing a private session, you’ll be working 1 on 1 with a coach. If doing a group session, you will be in a small group working with a coach. 

      1. How many kids are in the group session? 

      The size of the classes varies. We split the group up by age or skill level. 4-6 kids per coach.

      1. Do I need to sign-up prior to coming or can I just walk-in

      We encourage all clients to download the Pat The Roc Academy app on your apple or android device. Here you can sign-up, pay, and schedule private workouts and group classes. All of our classes are walk-in as well.

      1. How will the coach know what my child needs to work on? 

      The parent or the athlete can consult with the coach prior to the session begins about what skills they want to work on specifically. Our coaches will implement these specifics in the workout.

      1. What skills do they work in the group session

      Our classes are built around a specific curriculum. We cover the core fundamentals of ball-handling, shooting, defense, footwork, rebounding, and bball iq.  We also have niche classes such as Perfect Jump Shot Class and Drill Lab Class which dive deeper into details. You can check our online schedule for class times. 

      1. What do I do when I first come into the gym

      If you are coming into the gym please stop at our front desk so you can be signed in. Our front desk staff will check you in and direct you to your workout.

      1. How do I sign-in to the gym? 

      Once you register/pay you will receive a membership card which will track all of your visits and account details. Please present it to the front desk upon entry. If you forgot your card, then provide them with your last name.


      1. What do I do after I sign-in at the front desk

      After you sign in at the desk you can place your belongings on one of our benches or in our lockers. From there you can wait for one of our coaches to call you in. 

      1. Do I sign-up online or in-person

      You can sign up either online or in-person. We encourage all customers to sign up online via our app for a speedy entry. If you sign-up in person, we will create an account for you and scan your card in.  

      1. What information do I need to provide in to create my account

      The only information we need is first name, last name, email address, and phone number? 

      1. Why do you need my email address and phone number

      By providing us with your email address you will be able to receive our promotional offers, marketing campaigns, and announcements that we send through email. We ask for the phone number in case of an emergency or if the athlete becomes injured while training. 

      1. How can we keep track of our visits? 

      You can log into your account through the Pat The Roc Academy app. From there you can go into account details and see how many sessions remain on your account. 

      1. I can’t log into the app; how can I know the number of sessions I have left? 

      If you are unable to log into the app, you can ask our front desk worker to search your name and they will tell you how many sessions are left? 

      1. My child needs to work on shooting, what’s the best option for them

      If they need to work on their shooting form, our “Perfect Jump Shot” class focuses primarily on form and technique. If you want more repetition and game-like shots, we suggest signing up for a session on our Dr. Dish shooting machine. 

      1. Do you have open gym at your facility? 

      We do not have open gym. All of our training sessions are structured with a coach. We do have leagues for elementary, middle, and high school. Check out our website for information about our leagues. 

      1. What are the requirements to play in the AIP league

      Besides our league fee there are no other requirements. Our league starts at age Kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade. Players are separated in different divisions by age and skill level.

      1. How do you determine the teams for the AIP league

      We have an evaluation day where we analyze each players skill level, then all the coaches come together to determine who will be on each team, so the rosters are fair. 

      1. What if my child does not make the team? Will I get a refund

      Every player that signs up and participates in our league will make one of the teams. There are no cuts. 

      1. Does each team have a coach in the AIP league

      Each team will have a coach to ensure equal playing time. The coaches of the league are all in house. Our Pat The Roc Academy trainers coach the teams.

      1. Do the teams in the AIP league have practice

      There are no practices, only game play. The season is 5 weeks long with one game per week. As far as practice, we offer training 7 days a week through our classes which can purchase a group class training package.

      1. Are there any age restrictions

      We welcome all ages. Every Saturday and Sunday we have clinics that are tailored to specific age groups. Our sessions during the week are open to all ages.  

      1. My child is only a toddler, would they still be able to participate

      Every Saturday at 11:00 we have our Baby Ballers Class, that is designed for kids between the ages of 1-3. 

      1. I am ready to sign-up, what is the best deal

      The best deal is our membership plan. We offer unlimited classes, specialty training, and one private session as part of our premium membership package.