3 Things Every Coach Looks For In a Player

      3 Things Every Coach Looks For In a Player


      1. Attitude - No coach cares about how talented you are if you have a bad attitude. Having a good attitude means that you encourage your teammates, listen to your coaches, and always come prepared and ready to work hard. 

      2. Effort - There are many things in basketball that you can't always control. One thing you always have control over is your level of effort. Whether you are in practice or in the game, you should always give 100% effort. Every coach wants a player that give great effort on a consistent basis. 

      3. Coachability - There is always something new to learn in the game of basketball. Coaches don't want a player that already thinks they are the best. Coaches want a player that is always looking to learn and add to their game. No player has ever become great by themselves. Trust your coaches and teammates because they want to see you excel. 

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