7 Point Guard Dribble Moves

      Basketball Moves For Point Guards

      As the floor general of the basketball team, the point guard holds a critical role in facilitating the offense and creating scoring opportunities for teammates. Dribble moves are essential tools in the point guard's arsenal, allowing them to navigate through defenders, create separation, and initiate offensive plays. Here are seven effective dribble moves that every point guard should master to excel on the court!

      • Cross-Over Dribble: A fundamental move where the point guard quickly switches the ball from one hand to the other, often accompanied by a change of direction to deceive defenders.
      • Behind-the-Back Dribble: This move involves dribbling the ball behind the back to evade defenders and create space for a drive or pass.
      • In-and-Out Dribble: The point guard fakes a crossover motion before quickly pulling the ball back to the original hand, tricking defenders and opening up driving lanes.
      • Spin Move: A deceptive move where the point guard spins quickly while protecting the ball with their body, leaving defenders behind and gaining an advantage towards the basket.
      • Hesitation Dribble: By momentarily slowing down or pausing the dribble, the point guard can freeze defenders and create uncertainty, allowing for a burst of speed or change of direction.
      • Euro Step: A crafty move where the point guard takes a long step in one direction before quickly shifting their weight and finishing with a layup or pass in the opposite direction.
      • Behind-the-Back Step Back: Combining elements of the behind-the-back dribble and step-back jumper, this move creates separation from defenders for a pull-up jump shot or pass to an open teammate.

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