Speaking It Into Existence

      Speaking It Into Existence

      What makes our academy unique is, we try to bring in different professional athletes to motivate, mentor, and encourage the next generation of ballers, and create a once in a lifetime experience for kids to workout with these players, ask them questions, and build a role model relationship.

      One of our long time students, Quinn Cook, continually showed his support, and would spend his summers training at the Pat The Roc Academy, as he stayed ready for his opportunity to live out his basketball hoop dreams in the NBA.

      One day after 4 hours of training, Quinn took the time to answer some questions from the campers.

      One of the things we always emphasize to our players is, ask questions!  The player with the most information goes the furthest.

      So as each kid raised their hand in excitement to ask Quinn a question, he began to answer them, and give detailed answers. 

      What happened next was simply amazing.  Quinn literally spoke his dream into existence.

      Watch the video below to see what happened next...................