Pat has been working with Skylar since her junior year at the University of Notre Dame.  Pat currently trains
Skylar 3 times a month.  Spending 4-5 hours a day on dribble drills, game moves, and shot repetition.  Her hard work has paid off, already earning most improved player, second in the in league scoring, and WNBA all-star appearances.  
Pat worked with Tyreke during the offseason on dribble one on one counters and advanced dribble combinations. Tyreke is such a special player that his instincts with the ball allows him to get anywhere on the court.
Pat has spent numerous hours in the Orlando Magic training facility helping Oladipo perfect his ball-handling, first step quickness, and hand-eye coordination. Pat uses a series of 2 ball drills and full court game moves to help Victor add to his deadly arsenal.   
Pat traveled to the west coast to work with Gilbert on game specific moves. Adding various counter moves to what he already has made for a deadly combination. The main focus of their training sessions was on the move ball-handling mixed with crossover and spin combos.  
Pat spent time working with Mike on guard moves and ball-handling in preparation for the season with the Miami Heat. During the training sessions Pat used a combination of full court counter moves and half court isolations to simulate game situations.
Pat worked with Nolan during the summer along with his teammates as they pushed each other through workouts.  Despite the fact that Nolan was a national champion at the collegiate level for Duke and a sought after NBA player, Nolan still motivated himself get better during the offseason!
Pat worked with Josh on a lot of one on one drills. Josh is such a talent around the basket so Pat's focus was to add even more craftiness to his unstoppable game.  
James and Pat attended the University of Cincinnati together.  It is there where when they began working out together as James went on to win a ring with the San Antonio Spurs.  
Quinn spends his summers in the gym with Pat working on his ball-handling and game shots.  Spending anywhere from 3-5 hours a day making over 2000 shots!
Pat worked with Justin in high school as he prepared to pursue his college career at Virginia.   The main focus was to develop Justin's guard skills even more, increasing his versatility on the floor.
Chania spends her summer days in the Pat The Roc Basketball Skills Academy.  Completing 2 workouts a day she is determined and motivated to be the best!