Core Values

      MESSAGE OVER THE MOVES | We teach thousands of drills, skills, and moves. But we believe the message will take you further than the moves. The words of wisdom our coaches share with the students is what will matter the most in the end. 

      OUTWORK MENTALITY | We believe basketball is 100% mental. If you put your mind to it, you can do it!

      ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE | We put our students on a pedestal and encourage them to dream big dreams, have high hopes, and believe it's possible.

      GLOBAL NOT LOCAL |  We want to be the best in the world. Our academy has bounced a basketball on every continent in the world, except for Antartica because our basketball would freeze!

      HOLD HIGH THE TORCH | We teach our students to have discipline, respect, and integrity. We want them to represent and hold high the torch as if they were in the olympics.

      NEVER GIVE UP |  We teach our students that greatness is a journey not a destination.

      BEFORE SUCCESS IS FAILURE |  We help our students understand there is a lesson in every win and every loss.