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       Our year-round program offers daily classes, weekend clinics, private lessons, youth leagues, summer basketball camp, toddler hoops, online basketball training, coaching certifications and more!


        Colleges We Have Trained 

        • University Of Tennessee
        • University Of Maryland
        • Georgetown University
        • Duke University
        • University Of North Carolina
        • University Of Cincinnati
        • Notre Dame University
        • University Of West Virginia
        • University Of Virginia
        • Indiana University
        • UCLA
        • Princeton University
        • Yale University
        • Penn State University
        • University Of Colorado
        • University Of Miami
        • Florida State University
        • Cal University
        • Wichita State University


        Join us on this journey to greatness. Whether you aspire to play at the professional level or simply want to improve your skills for recreational play, the Pat The Roc Basketball Skills Academy is here to help you achieve your basketball dreams. Together, let's create the ultimate basketball experience.