Hoop Chats at Pats: JADE TILLMAN

      women's college basketball

      Jade Tillman, is a guard/forward and soon to be sophomore at East Carolina University. In our first installment of 'Hoop Chats at Pats', we ask Jade a few questions uncovering her unique perspectives and experiences training with Pat and playing basketball at a D1 level. 

      What has been your experience training at Pat the Roc?

      "My experience training at Pat the Roc has always been positive...he always works me out really hard to the point where I am literally dripping sweat... I remember one time he had me running outside in the heat and he really got my conditioning right." 

      How has training at Pat the Roc translated on the court?

      "The speed and the pace of Pat's workouts have always helped me in games...its easy to apply moves when you are practicing at game speed."

      What advice would you tell young athletes who wish to play basketball at the highest level? 

      "My advice to young athletes is always chase your dreams, keep God first, and stay in school...Stay locked in, don't quit, don't let anyone tell you you CAN'T do it, and your work ethic has to be bigger than what you say you are going to do."