Athletes Travel From Switzerland To Train With Pat The Roc!

The Pat The Roc Skills Academy has made an impact on the game of basketball globally.  Our facility attracts some of the best talent in the world.  This summer over 20 of the top basketball players from Switzerland traveled to Maryland to train at the academy for 2 weeks!  They participated in 3 training sessions a day and learned a variety of fundamentals to take back to Switzerland!

Drills For Days At The Academy!

Our training curriculum is endless.  Our signature drills help bring out the best in each player! Follow @pattherocskillsacademy on instagram for more exclusive footage!    

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September 15, 2017 by Pat The Roc Academy

Bball Star Aquille Carr Trains For The NBA At The Academy

Basketball star Aquille Carr continues to train with Coach Pat The Roc at the academy as he prepares for his debut in the NBA.  Already having offers from the Houston Rockets, Aquille shows that size doesn't matter.  At just 5'6, his ability to score at will has earned him comparisons to players such as Allen Iverson and Mugsy Bogues!

November 17, 2016 by Pat The Roc Academy


Aquille Carr was hailed as the #1 high school basketball player in the nation!  It is said that whenever Aquille had a game, the city streets of Baltimore were empty, because the entire community would pile into the gym to watch his game.  Following in the steps of NBA legend, Mugsy Bogues, Aquille's stats prove that height doesn't matter.  Aquille took time to share his story to the youth of the Pat The Roc Basketball Skills Academy, letting them know adversity can be used as motivation.  Aquille believes that his mindset will allow him to accomplish his dream of the NBA.  He is now preparing for his tryout with the Houston Rockets!

January 23, 2016 by Pat The Roc Academy

Duke Champion Quinn Cook Visits Academy!

National Champion Quinn Cook of Duke University took time out of his busy schedule to give back to the youth at the Pat The Roc Basketball Skills Academy.  Shortly after winning the national championship, Quinn came to Pat and said he'd like to host a clinic to give kids the same opportunity he had as a kid, to learn the game from a pro!  Quinn attracted over 60 young athletes to the facility as he put them through some of the vigorous drills legendary Coach K used to put him through!  Quinn encouraged the youth to stay on the right path and to always put education first!
January 23, 2016 by Pat The Roc Academy