Player Highlight Reel Success

      Player Highlight Reel Success

      How important is it to document your basketball journey? Very important!  Having video footage of your game play and basketball workouts is key in today's process of being recruited and seen by coaches.

      Our academy offers the Player Highlight Reel package which is  a professionally recorded highlight tape of your workout session at our basketball academy.  We post your highlight tape on our platform which has hundreds of coaches at the pro, collegiate, high school, and aau level.  

      Here's an example: One of our students, Delaney Heard, started training with the academy when he was in the 5th grade. Every 2 years he would do a player highlight reel to track his progress, and use the film to show coaches the extra work he has been putting in.  He was able to use this footage to get into one of the top basketball schools in the nation, Oak Hill Academy.  From Oak Hill he was able to go on and get a basketball scholarship to one of the top college programs in the nation, University Of Alabama.  Watch his player highlight reels below!


      With tons of player's having their season's cancelled and limited options to be seen by college scouts, this is a chance to get your foot in the door and be proactive.

      Whether you are a senior in high school, or a young athlete playing travel ball, our academy serves as a credible source that can help you get the visibility you need.  Schedule your player highlight reel today!